RapidFire by H.I.C. Cybersecurity

RapidFire by H.I.C. Cybersecurity is our proprietary platform that lets you easily, effectively, and seamlessly perform Firewall Audits, Firewall Migrations, and Firewall Optimization support. We surgically developed each aspect of RapidFire by H.I.C. Cybersecurity to ensure that you have the most accurate, streamlined, and valuable experience.

Firewall Audits

Why do I need a Firewall Audit?


Obtain Configuration Oversight

Firewall configuration changes are often made on a daily or weekly basis. Many changes introduce unintended risk through configuration mistakes, overly permissive rules, or temporary rules that do not automatically expire.


Keep Up With Manufacturers’ Best Practices

Best practice recommendations from manufacturers evolve constantly and are often the exact opposite of the older or original recommendations. This occurs when new functionality removes limitations that the original recommendations were based on; it is common and is often detrimental.


Take Advantage of New Features

Manufacturers are constantly adding better feature sets and improving existing functionality; however, these features are typically disabled by default and require a manual change to enable. Regular audits help identify gaps between available functionality and currently configured functionality.


Stay Current with Your Hardware and Firmware

Keep up with hardware and firmware that is going end-of-life to avoid exposure to unsupported software that could contain vulnerabilities that are not actively being patched.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Most compliance standards have specific requirements for firewall configurations and feature sets. Ensure you meet your compliance requirements and keep auditors happy.

Why use H.I.C. Cybersecurity for my Firewall Audit?

As experts in the Cybersecurity field, we understand firewalls in depth—inside and out. We see missing items and simple nuances that result in misconfigurations, or overly exposed rules that the less-experienced may not. We can identify these quickly and easily, which makes for a seamless process and cuts down on the amount of time you will need to spend.

Firewall Migration

Supported Firewalls


Why use Firewall Migration Software vs. Manual Firewall Migration?


Immediate Time-to-Value

Get up and running easily and in no time—no installation necessary.


Better Accuracy

The larger the firewall configuration, the more complex it is. In addition, more than a certain number of firewall rules make it impossible to manually migrate the rule set accurately and without errors. Time constraints and tight change management windows add additional complexity, which leads to errors in translation. The time involved in troubleshooting just one of these issues can trigger a rollback. RapidFire eliminates human error from the process, resulting in accurate, fast, and easy firewall cutovers.


Save Time

Best practice for firewall migrations is often a one or two week change freeze on the existing firewall rule set. It is often challenging to migrate the entire policy set within such a tight time frame manually. RapidFire allows you to convert the policy set of the old firewall to the new firewall’s syntax in minutes, allowing ample time for staging and quality assurance.



For firewall migrations involving extremely large configurations, migration by hand does not scale. RapidFire allows for easy scalability of even the most complex and extensive rule sets with incredibly accurate and speedy results.

Why use RapidFire by H.I.C. for Firewall Migration?


Rapid Development Cycles

New features and syntax available in different enterprise firewall platforms results in new or updated syntax within your current configuration. RapidFire is constantly updated as manufacturers change their firewall syntax.

Detailed Audit Logs

Not all parts of your firewall configuration will translate to a new platform one-to-one. RapidFire keeps track of which lines of the configuration cannot be translated directly and provides the output for review and inspection. This extensive and highly necessary information is all visible in our clean and user-friendly interface—built for professionals of all levels.



At H.I.C. Cybersecurity, we know that our support is critical to your success. RapidFire is the only firewall migration platform that comes with formal support, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips to help you through your migration easily, quickly, and accurately to hit your deadlines.

Firewall Optimization Details


What is Firewall Optimization?

Firewall Optimization serves multiple purposes. It is an effective way to ensure you get the most value out of your investment by leveraging all features available, not simply a subset of features. Firewall policy optimization is imperative in ensuring that your rule set is streamlined by eliminating redundancy rules, overlapping rules, and overly permissive rules that are not necessary.



Why Do I Need Firewall Optimization?

RapidFire by H.I.C. Cybersecurity can identify redundant rules, unused rules, misconfigured rules, insecure rules, and insecure options within the firewall itself. Rest easy as RapidFire makes sustaining and maintaining your firewall configuration a breeze and lowers your risk of configuration mistakes or unintended exposure.

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